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CEO's speech

Zhejiang Morita New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in Wuyi in 2003. It was initially named Zhejiang Senmei Chemical Co., Ltd., and in 2017 it was renamed Zhejiang Morita New Materials Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, ultra-pure microelectronic etching and cleaning grade products. The products have a high reputation and reputation in Japan.

Ultra-pure fluorochemicals are important basic materials for etching and cleaning of integrated circuits and have an irreplaceable attribute in the fast-growing semiconductor industry.

At present, under the background of [Made in China 2025], the semiconductor industry is in a period of gold development. This company has taken this opportunity to introduce Japan's Morita Chemicals' mature manufacturing technology and world-class management experience to invest in new ELHF and BOE production lines.

We focus on the development and research of various types of chemicals used in semiconductors and will strive to create a new base for the professional production of semiconductor ultra-pure chemical materials.


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